New Updates Format starting May 2015

This section is intended to provide you with news, essential information and reminders, displayed by categories, for a quick and easy overview.

  •  We are providing you an easy overview of all the contacts you might need during your study program at TCMII by means of the Contact section .
  •  You can become familiar with the Student Schedule of the face to face session at Haus Edelweiss. For the in-country face to face session schedule please contact the respective Regional Representative.
  • All course participants are kindly asked to bring their own travel medication while participating in class sessions, especially when travelling abroad.
  • Before planning your travel to a class session in Austria, please check the Haus Edelweiss arrival and departure policy. The session participants are expected to arrive no sooner than Thursday (first day of the face to face session) and depart on the following Wednesday evening or latest Thursday morning. For important details please read the travel information in the Student Housing Handbook.
  • Students can personally check their grades and accounts any time by accessing the Student Portal on the homepage of TCM web site. Note: The portal is available only from your student email account.
  • Please keep in mind that no subsequent courses may be taken until the student has paid any outstanding (past due) fee.
  • Do not pay the course fees until you have received the confirmation for the courses you registered for.
  • Starting 2015, the Institute fee structure has been simplified. Students are charged the course fee only. The annual and combined fees have been eliminated. Please check the amounts of the course fees on the Student Fees section of the web page and in the Student Handbook.
  • This item may be late news for some of you, for which we apologize: The percentage of reimbursement has changed for 2015 so students who may be eligible for partial reimbursement of travel costs to Haus Edelweiss are asked to see the Campus Manager upon their arrival on campus.
  • In case you are unable to attend a class session on site for which you have registered, please inform the Austrian office by sending a course cancellation message to . Failure to do so will result in no-show charges and your final grade will be based on the assignments you have submitted.
  • If a student does not have any activity on his study program (i.e. taking courses or working on the thesis) for five consecutive years, he/she will be declared inactive and the student folder will be archived. Inactive students who wish to resume their studies need to reapply for admission.
  • There is no need to request sabbatical leave. However, we want to encourage you to complete your degree in a timely fashion so that you may participate in seminars that are being delivered for graduates only.
  • You can check the TCMII Four Year Course Plan on the web site, however please keep in mind that the plan is only a tentative schedule. The course offer may change due to changing demands.

In order to graduate from a program you need to:

  • have all required courses and the thesis/project completed
  • have a GPA (Grade Point Average) minimum of 3.00
  • have your student account fully paid
  • have all TCMII library books returned