Program Description

Organizational Leadership Program

TCM offers one program, Organizational Leadership.

Program Goals

Students who complete this program should:

  1. Practice classic Christian spiritual disciplines and demonstrate the Fruit of the Spirit.
      Students who work in a church, business, non-profit organization, or other venue need to bring a personal ethic that demonstrates the impact of the life and teaching of Jesus on their personal character. This goal sees students increasing use of eight classic spiritual disciplines in their personal and corporate life, and who can construct a culturally appropriate program of discipleship.
  2. Integrate key principles and exegetical methods in Biblical interpretation.
      This goal will find students who demonstrate skill in the acquisition and use of exegetical methods and are able to prepare and deliver sermons and lessons that bridge ancient contexts for contemporary application.
  3. Communicate effectively the Christian faith contextually and culturally.
      Students discover that ministry is an ongoing extension of the purpose and work of Jesus in the contemporary world and find the practice of ministry in many different venues. Students who meet this goal will create a plan of delegation that empowers others to lead and be able to construct a strategy of self-care that enables growth in self and in others.
  4. Demonstrate effective servant leadership that is dedicated to the growth of others and committed to building values-driven relationships.
      Students discover that the responsibility of communicating the Christian faith to others is not the responsibility of professional clergy alone. In meeting this goal, students will employ oral and written skills in communicating the faith story within various cultures and engage in disciple-making processes that produce disciples who make disciples.

TCM offers a Certificate and accredited Master of Arts and Master of Divinity degrees in Organizational Leadership.


The purpose of the Certificate is to provide opportunity for study in Christian leadership for pastors and other Christian leaders who do not qualify for admittance into the Masters level or who would otherwise be unable to complete an entire degree program.


Students who complete the Certificate will:

  1. Build a biblical foundation for disciple-making (Program Goal 1)
  2. Construct an infrastructure for personal Bible study (Program Goal 2)
  3. Frame a structure for acting as servant leaders (Program Goal 3)
  4. Practice communication using a variety of tools (Program Goal 4)

Master of Arts Degree

Forty-eight (48) credit hours are required for the completion of the Master of Arts degree. The purpose of this degree is to enhance leadership by providing a broad-based interdisciplinary educational program for a career in Christian leadership in a variety of settings. Careers may include vocational ministry, business, organizational leadership, or not-for-profit organizations. The degree is designed for those holding a college or university diploma in any discipline.

Degree Goals

Students who complete the Master of Arts will

  1. Design, Develop, and Implement a disciple-making ministry in organizations (Program Goal 1)
  2. Develop skills in biblical and theological interpretation using the student’s primary language (Program Goal 2)
  3. Learn to lead as servants in organizations, including churches, para-church organizations, schools, and businesses (Program Goal 3)
  4. Share their faith across organizations using a variety of communications tools (Program Goal 4)

Master of Divinity Degree

Eighty-four (84) credit hours are required for the completion of the Master of Divinity degree. The purpose of this degree is to enhance skills of career pastors and Christian leaders working primarily in churches, as well as those students who may be seeking advanced degree options, often for careers in higher education.

Degree Goals

Students who complete the Master of Divinity will

  1. Design, Develop, and Implement a disciple-making church ministry – (Program Goal 1)
  2. Practice Biblical and theological study focusing on the use of Biblical Languages and English – (Program Goal 2)
  3. Engage in Pastoral Care within the context of the church – (Program Goal 3)
  4. Construct and Deliver biblical and theological sermons and lessons appropriate to a church context (Program Goal 4)

Master of Divinity (M.Div.) applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English. This proficiency includes the ability to read texts, and write assignments, including Thesis, in English. An English test is required prior to admission. Students who cannot pass the test will be required to take RE 669 English Skills for Theological Studies which will help them improve their skills. Additional Work may be assigned until the student is proficient in English.

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