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Registration for courses is possible as soon as the schedule is posted on the website until the course starts. Check the schedule for the date when courses start. Use your e-mail address to register for the courses by filling out the registration form here:

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Consult your Requirement List before choosing the courses. Since the number of seats is limited, register early! All requests will be processed in order of the submission date during working hours only!

Not a TCM student yet

TCM is offering the opportunity for non students to attend a trial course. There are two options: to audit a course or take it for credit. Those who are interested in taking a course for credit (receiving a grade) must register not later than 2 month before the face-to-face part of the course.  Audits may register up to 1 month before the face-to-face part of the course.

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For questions about the registration please contact

How to cancel your course participation

In case you cannot participate in a course for which you are registered you must inform the TCM office by filling out the course cancellation form below. Late cancellation fees may apply.
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Registered students who do not show up in class will be graded according to the submitted assignments.