How to Find Books & Articles

How to find books?

The TCM International Institute Library Catalog contains all materials in the library, including print and electronic books, theses and project reports, audio-visual and media materials. The catalog also lists the titles of journals (but not of individual articles), which are available on paper or online (see How to find Journal articles-link).

When searching the catalog, there is the possibility to limit a search to Haus Edelweiss holdings or to ‘Electronic Resources’ only.


For a quick search for ebooks in the TCMI Library catalog limit the search to ‘Electronic resources’. Ebooks will have a prefix NETLIB or WEB before the call number (for example, NETLIB 220.3 T57 2006) and a blue hyperlink saying ‘Click for online access’. Contact for a password. See more information on finding ebooks in the tutorial  and also check out Google Books , Gutenberg , Forgotten Books  and EAAA Online Library (Russian).

Find books in other libraries

Partner libraries. TCMII has signed agreements with many theological libraries in various countries so that TCM students can use their resources and services. Please find a list here (link to side bar of catalog) and visit those which are convenient for you.

WorldCat : Catalog of books and other materials in libraries worldwide

National library of your country : National Libraries usually have many resources, including in the area which you need for your courses. Every citizen of a country can use the National Library, but often only in the reading room.

Journals and Articles

Because journals are comprised of articles on different topics, they are not “catalogued” as are books. Articles are individually “indexed” in electronic collections/databases which can be searched by the subject, author, title or keyword from the article. Some collections also have the full text of the articles, but some don’t, then they are called ‘index databases’. The TCMI Library subscribes to several of such collections, which can be searched to find articles on a certain topic.

For full-text collections, see the Religion and Philosophy Collection, ATLAS and the Theological Journal Library. You can print, download or e-mail the journal articles to yourself. For Periodical Indexes, see the Christian Periodicals Index, ATLA’s Religion Database and Index Theologicus.

If you find an article which you need but cannot get the full text from the Index, send an e-mail to and ask them to get you a copy of the article. We will need the following information: author and title of article, title of journal, date, volume, and issue number of the journal, page numbers of the article. The Library will also send you the passwords, if you have lost or forgotten them.

Many academic journals for serious study have become available freely online in recent years. They may not have the best search features but carry relevant content worthy of consideration. See open access journals here  .