COVID-19 Update

A Message from the President . . .

As you are likely aware, throughout the world concerns continue regarding COVID 19 – Coronavirus. This new strain of virus began in Wuhan, China and continues to be a major health issue there. In addition, other nations are experiencing people being infected with the virus. We are grateful that in most instances symptoms and length of illness are moderate and with no long-term effects. However, because there remains much unknown regarding this health issue, governments of countries are attempting to make prudent decisions to protect the health of their citizens.

TCM has students in nearly 50 countries. The primary country where our students attend their face-to-face time with their professors is Austria. With that in mind let us share this information with you. The Austrian Government announced on March 10, 2020 the following related to the Coronavirus with the hopes of containing the virus and minimizing its spreading.

  • No outdoor gatherings (public or private) that include more than 500 people
  • No indoor gatherings (public or private) that include more than 100 people
  • Austrian colleges will remain closed through Easter. They are encouraged to do their educational activities via distance delivery.
  • Further evaluation of the above will continue by the Austrian Government and an update will be given at the end of April.

Since that time, all gatherings of more than ten people have been banned. The recommendation is that no gatherings take place and that if held, social distancing be in place. Colleges are to remain closed until the end of April, Austrian borders remain closed, and Austrian Airlines has grounded all flights until at least May 3. Sessions 1 through 4 of TCM’s Academic year were scheduled to begin in March, April, and May. As a result of these Austrian Government regulations, the leadership of TCM has determined that these sessions will be completed via distance education rather than having groups of over 100 students along with faculty, staff, and volunteers, gathering at Haus Edelweiss for the completion of their classes.

The good news in this regard is that TCM is approved and accredited for 100% of its curriculum to be delivered through 100% distance education methods. TCM’s Class Sessions 1 through 4 at Haus Edelweiss will be completed through distance education delivery.

The leadership of TCM will continue to evaluate the need to continue this distance delivery alternative for future sessions at Haus Edelweiss as well as other TCM Mentoring Centers. We understand this decision may cause inconvenience to our students, our faculty, our staff, and our volunteers as well as extra expense. However, TCM is committed to serving Christ and His Kingdom no matter the roadblocks that are placed before us.

TCM has had experience with national emergencies in the past that have required this distance delivery approach. We have found that the quality of the education provided is not diminished.

We are grateful for you and thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time. Even though these are challenging times, we are not afraid. We continue to seek our Lord’s will related to His mission and desire to make disciples of all the nations. We desire His wisdom as we move forward. We also desire your prayers and continued support in the enduring endeavors of TCM.

Prayerfully, Tony Twist.

Click to download full letter – Corona Virus Response Update April 8 – 2020

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