The purpose of this program is to provide opportunity for study in Christian leadership for pastors and other Christian leaders who do not qualify for admittance into the master’s level programs or who would otherwise be unable to complete an entire degree program.

You may choose to get a Certificate concentration in Discipleship. Check the current Certificate Requirement listNavigate through the tabs to see the requirements for Certificate with concentration in discipleship. Review both requirements to choose the path that is suitable for you.


Before starting the application process for Certificate program, make sure you have the following items ready in electronic form. It is recommended to use .jpg and .png files for uploading photos and .pdf for uploading documents:

  1. One (1) passport-ready photograph
  2. One photograph with the family, if you are married;
  3. One copy of your travel document (passport or ID), with the full name spelled in Latin.
  4. Your pastor’s e-mail address. Also inform your pastor before starting the application that you will need a recommendation from him. If you are the pastor, include a deacon’s email address.

Application terms for admission to studies at TCMII are

Beginning December 1 till May 31
Beginning June 1 till August 31
Beginning September 1 till November 30

Even though TCMII offers its courses in 7 different languages the application must be filled out  IN ENGLISH ONLY, otherwise it will not be accepted. Please find someone to help you with the English application. The Admissions Committee will only consider the fully-completed application and determine the applicant’s acceptance. Notification of acceptance, or denial, of admission will be sent to the applicant during the month following the deadline.Completed application does not guarantee your admission (acceptance) into any TCMII programs.

Once you click Apply Now

  1. Create a new account if you are new to TCM
  2. Activate the account
  3. Login by using the email address used to create the account and the password set during activation
  4. From the application menu fill a new application
  5. Wait for confirmation and any other instructions from the admissions office

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