About Us

Why Study at TCM International Institute.

As you prayerfully consider attending TCM International Institute, please know that TCMII offers the following in a life-changing, international community of faith.

  • Flexible plans of study which include on-line and face-to-face availability of mentors
  • Practical Christian Leadership training by a qualified international faculty
  • Low cost, U.S. accredited graduate degree programs
  • Multilingual delivery of courses and support for students and graduates

What TCMII graduates say about their experience with TCMII:

“After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree from a state run university in my country, I was called into ministry. However, I was not prepared to be a minister. I enrolled in another school in my country that had a theological degree. It took only one semester there to realize I was not going to receive practical equipping from my courses, only ‘head-knowledge’. Then a fellow believer told me about TCMII. I took one class and concluded, this is the place where I can be around staff, faculty, other students and volunteers who will provide living proof and examples of what a disciple maker looks like.” – 2014 TCMII Graduate from Eastern Europe

“I became a believer later in life. I had an opportunity to leave my home country and travel to the United States for an advanced degree in theology. But, I realized that being away from my country and my ministry for up to 4 years could hinder or harm my local church I was leading. Someone gave me an article about a course of study at TCMII. It was a plane ride away from my country in Africa to Vienna. I could study on-line for 3-4 months per course and then receive one on one mentoring from my course professors. I enrolled and am so grateful for all that my relationship with TCMII has provided me. TCMII prepared me for the real world of ministry” – 2015 TCMII graduate from Africa

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